How indiscipline affect students performance in secondary schools in tanzania

Some variables of this study include societal influence, parental influence/upbringing and socio-economic attainment of parents there are many factors usually responsible for indiscipline of students in the society this work therefore, aimed at determine the 1 factors responsible for indiscipline in our secondary schools 2. Factors affecting students’ quality of academic performance: a case of secondary school level 2| students’ performance remains at top priority for educators. Determinants of poor academic performance of secondary school students in sumbawanga district, tanzania nyandwi melack david a dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the.

Have attributed poor performance of students in academic to high level of indiscipline among students while others disagreed nevertheless, it becomes imperative in recent times that many schools have traded away discipline and as a result led to poor academic performance of students this study was carried out to establish the relationships between schools discipline and students’ academic performance. Ii abstract this study was undertaken to assess factors that influence the academic performance of students of selected secondary schools in sumbawanga district, tanzania. From indiscipline among the students, it has attracted much more attention than indiscipline among members of staff parents blame teachers for the indiscipline among school children and teachers blame parents, government and school administrators for the indiscipline in the society.

In secondary schools, tertiary colleges and universities according to, nacada (2010) the use of the drugs has spread at a fast rate and reached every part of the country. Many of our students today especially those in our secondary school exhibit various forms of indiscipline in form of juvenile delinquency this could be in the form of arson, murder and robbery etc these acts involve both adult and youths, the rate of indiscipline tends to be on the increase in the modern world. Poor academic performance of students in secondary schools take for example, there are reported student who completed seven year of primary education without knowing how to read and write and selected to join secondary education with pass grade the concern about students’ achievement has intensified public interest in schools and students’ behavior. Indiscipline: indiscipline is a deviance from the normal rules and regulations and norms of the society or schools education system: agencies and individuals who contribute in one-way or the other to the process of learning in the society. Enhance students’ academic achievement, and to do so in an environment that creates a sense of community and mutual caring in classrooms and throughout the school campus (naicker, 2014) scholars have attributed students’ poor academic performance to high levels of indiscipline among students.

To control indiscipline especially in our secondary school students is certainly not a task as it has eaten deep into al factors of life in the society the adult that the students look upon pacesetters are also involved in acts of indiscipline. Performance, indiscipline cases, secondary schools, students i on drugs and being victims of assault which can affect school work of students who don’t use drug these consequences can the study involved public secondary schools students form three and four students were targeted this was because. (2014) that indiscipline can be displayed by a student in several ways (eg, general disobedience, poor attitude to learning, immoral behaviour, stealing, dirtiness, being quarrelsome, and rudeness.

Discipline and academic performance (a study of selected secondary schools in lagos, nigeria) ehiane, o stanley lagos state polytechnic, (sptsa), ikorodu, mainland annex, lagos are rule and regulation in school affect students’ academic performance. How indiscipline affect students performance in secondary schools in tanzania journal of education and practice issn 2222-1735 (paper) issn 2222-288x (online) vol 1, no 1, 2010 wwwiisteorg indiscipline among the female secondary school students in selected rural communities of rivers state in nigeria : causes and effects on academic performance sarumi abidoye, phd1 & okoji olufemi onweazu2.

How indiscipline affect students performance in secondary schools in tanzania

Effect of indiscipline on students academic performance in secondary schools chapter one introduction background of the study i. The effects of indiscipline on academic performance of secondary school students , largest undergraduate projects repository, research works and materials download undergraduate projects topics and materials accounting, economics, education in nigeria, there appears to be a great concern about the lack of indiscipline in schools, in. Challenges facing teachers’ attempts to enhance learners’ discipline in tanzania’s secondary schools agreed that widespread indiscipline affect s academic performance while.

Eight secondary schools in two regions of tanzania, using a pragmatic approach it was found that, the existence of students’ sexual relationship, which is fuelled by self-sexual desire and/or coercion through sexual exploitation is a commonplace practice in. Factors affecting students’ quality of academic performance: a case of secondary school level 6| data analysis and interpretations the collected data were analyzed by applying descriptive and inferential statistical measure a t-test was used to compare the achievements of male and female students. All raw scores obtained were analyzed using percentages during the course of the research, the researcher was able to identify some of these problems of indiscipline on the academic performance of secondary school students, based on the observations and oral interview that the following indiscipline were practiced by the students such as lateness to school, smoking, fighting, theft.

This study is concerned with the investigation of the causes of indiscipline among students in secondary schools and how it affects the academic performance of the child the danger of indiscipline in school as well as its influence on the child cannot be over emphasized.

how indiscipline affect students performance in secondary schools in tanzania The causes and effect of indiscipline among students in secondary school: a case study of egor local government area, edo state literature review.
How indiscipline affect students performance in secondary schools in tanzania
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